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Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Appeals

Linda G. Anderson is a real estate attorney that can be your best advocate when you are dealing with a Residential or Commercial Real Estate transaction.

The purchase or sale of your home is one of the most complex transactions and one of the most significant monetary events in your lifetime. Linda G. Anderson will represent your needs throughout the intricacies of the entire process.

If buying, selling or leasing Commercial space for your business, utilizing the extensive experience of Linda G. Anderson to negotiate your purchase, sale and/or lease agreements could be the best investment made to protect your interests.

Real Estate transactions involve a variety of participants, including realtors, title insurance companies, surveyors, lenders, appraisers and others, each with their own agenda.

Linda G. Anderson is your advocate.

The others have a vested interest in seeing the transaction close, without concern for what is best for you, since that is when and how they get paid.

Our primary concern is to protect your best interests.

As a real estate law attorney, Linda G. Anderson, represents clients in residential real estate transactions, including single family homes and condominiums. She also represents clients in commercial transactions. She will perform a complete and detailed review of all of your documents, help you understand the terminology in the documents, advise you of certain risks that are involved, and help you obtain what you are paying for in the transaction.

Word of Warning: It is best to see your attorney prior to signing any documents.

Your choices and opportunities are much more limited after you have signed a contract.

Linda G. Anderson can help you with all of your real estate legal needs, including:

Your rights need to be protected throughout the process in any real estate transaction, especially those above. Linda G. Anderson is committed to protecting your rights and is recognized by her clients for her ability to “put you at ease” and get the job done with the least amount of stress to you.

Personal Property Tax Appeals

Linda G. Anderson encourages Commercial and Industrial personal property owners to consider appealing their personal property tax assessments. Some Residential property owners may also benefit from an appeal of their real property tax assessments.

Many commercial and industrial personal property assessments exceed levels reflected by current market sales prices.

Michigan personal property assessments are based on State Tax Commission valuation guidelines which often do not reflect the usual selling price of used personal property. Without taxpayer action, many property assessments tend to be excessive.

If you feel your property has been over-assessed based on an inaccurate property value, Linda G. Anderson can assist you to exercise your right to file a property tax appeal.

Commonly, the first step in the tax appeal process is to file an appeal before the local Board of Review. Generally this Board of Review Meeting is held in March of each year. Some cities require an administrative appeal in February before a party can appeal to the March Board of Review. No Board of Review protest is required for Commercial, Industrial or Developmental personal property tax appeals.

If you deem the assessment to be excessive, we can file a petition on your behalf with the Michigan Tax Tribunal after receipt of the Assessment Notice but before the deadline of May 31st.

There are many timelines and deadlines to be met, and the appeal process can be very tedious, confusing and time consuming.

Linda G. Anderson can assist you throughout the Appeal process for your Personal Property Tax Assessment.

Contacting the Attorney

To obtain a private consultation concerning Real Estate OR Personal Property Tax Appeal matters, please call during normal business hours:

Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 734.425.0379

Evening and Weekend appointments can be arranged.